10 Tips For Flawless, Younger Looking Skin II Beauty Life Hacks

This 10 Tips For Fresher, Younger Looking Skin video in partnership with JERGENS® Natural Glow®. I only recommend products I use personally. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines.
I hope you all enjoy my 10 tips for fresher, younger looking skin video. Achieving flawless skin is easy as long as you take the time to commit to it. These beauty life hacks are easy to implement in your life and besides the vitamins I recommend, it doesn’t cost you a thing!! Let me know in the comments some of your tips to getting perfect skin. Cheers to fresher, younger looking skin 🙂


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8 Step Korean Nightly Skincare Routine: http://bit.ly/1XySesI

5 Minute Daily Makeup Routine: http://bit.ly/1QYMzNW




Neha Singh says:

Hi Aja I love your videos they helpful to me but……can you tell me some more products for removing tan.Plzzzzz

Nirajan Pradhan says:

Lovely video very instructive

O says:

whats the machine called to make sparkling water?

Daniel Ribeiro says:

here's several tips for looking younger quickly
eat a good selection of fruits, whole grains, and vegetables
Exercise instead of watching TV
Use Sunscreen.
Stop smoking
(I discovered these and the reasons they work from Daijon youth plan website )

Hely Pinho says:

You're so beautiful! I wish I had your flawless skin 🙂 How old are you btw?

Samurai Angel says:

Sperm as face mask.

Pavi Raj says:

I only use face powder. But still my face is oily and acne prone. Help me with it.

M Ferreira says:

Wow I love your videos!!! I subscribed!!!Keep up the amazing work!!!:D

izzy.x random says:

just put suncream on

Just another girl says:

You really think that a self tanner is better than the sun ? omg you americans …

Darciexcampbell says:

you're literally stunning

Эрика Колесникова says:

Would like to learn more about the beauty tips. Just go to google and type: "Blast4beauty". There are plenty of of unheard information given here.

Alexandrea Basoc says:

omg thank you!!!

Elsie Bloom says:

I would love to hear more about how you deal with blemish control!

candyberried says:

But her skin isn't even all that she has huge pores

Rachel Laura says:

Although I drink alcohol I’ve been blessed with naturally blemish free skin BUT after having a very mild chemical peel and starting a skin care routine including retinA and using a .5 derma roller oh my goodness my skin looks like it’s been photoshopped. I highly recommend the retinA, derma roller, and regular facials/light peels

Zone IsHyper says:

Lmao I'm 13 and I've got bad skin alr3ady

Amy He says:

You are soo beautiful!!!

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