10 Reasons Japanese Women Stay Slim And Don’t Look Old |

Japan is a beautiful country. The green mountains, blue sea, vibrant culture and its mouth-watering cuisine, everything adds to its beauty.
If you’ve travelled to Japan or met Japanese people, one thing might have crossed your mind: “Why are Japanese women so slim and look so young?”
It’s the cuisine and lifestyle of Japanese people that keep them healthy and young looking. For example, Japanese food is based upon the principle of health and longevity. In fact, Japan is home to the world’s highest proportion of people who live more than 100 years.
In Japan, food is not solely eaten for taste. Japanese people believe in extracting health benefits from their food.
Here are the top 10 reasons why Japanese women stay slim and don’t look old.

1. Drinking Green Tea
2. Consuming Fermented Foods
3. Popularity Of Seafood
4. Eating Smaller Portions
5. Walking Is A Ritual
6. Eating On The Go Is A Big No-No
7. Healthy Cooking Methods
8. Practicing Martial Arts
9. Hot Spring Baths
10. Healthy Desserts

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  1. wow that amazing

  2. Hello is it worth it anymore boys be boys and have fun who gets his crap who wants to start a family with somebody that was a Bo boss all the time

  3. I wish i was japannese but im DOMICAN. Edit: from now on imma eat all of this

  4. Nice video, thank you

  5. Not only Japanese but Koreans and Chinese are same. It is because they think slim body beautiful than thick ones and asians have smaller bone structures than westerners. And asians look young because they have many fat on their face and they have thicker skin and some genetic matters maybe

  6. Isn’t it all Asian women?!

  7. Kimuchi is Korean food! we like it thought

  8. It's nice video to cover most of our habits✨Of course gene is one of the reason which effected from our healthy diet and life style for thousands years.
    But many foreigners living in Japan become slim and healthy (looking younger) to follow our diet and life style!

  9. my mother would bury me six feet under if she caught me eating and doing something else. when she was little, this was true for her as well.

  10. I stopped this at 37 seconds because it annoys me to be treated like an illiterate imbecil. I came here to see a video. NOT have text on the screen read to me! Text that I can read MUCH faster than the pathetic announcer in the first place!

  11. Their genes not the gastronomy or anything.

  12. Not all do martial arts.

  13. Um cause Japanese people are not fat fucking slobs who don’t insist on eating everything that’s deep fried buttered dipped in pork fat chees wiz smothered in some hot sauce and moyonaise.

  14. Man I've seen some old ass asians what they talking about..

  15. I wish i could commute by biking! One time i had no car and my bike commute was nearly 2 hours long! It would have been okay if i didnt have to bike home in the dark too. Risking getting hurt or picked up, also 4 hours of my day was biking.

  16. I love Japanese women they take very good care of their selves and their culture and their Heritage helps with the way they look they are very beautiful women if American women did half of what the Japanese women do every day they would look so much better if I had a choice of any woman on this planet it would definitely be a Japanese woman

  17. So basically they live better and make better choices.

  18. KEfir? Are they Russian?

  19. I’m bisexual and find Japanese young women have sexy voices One of my friends told me I should maybe look for a Japanese girlfriend as they are into bisexual stuff. I live in the UK

  20. sorry but no one in japan even knows what kefir, sauerkraut or tempeh is.

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