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Hey guys! Today I m sharing my hair care routine with you in the form of 10 essential tips for healthy shiny hair:-)

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  1. But who wash their hair with makeup on???

  2. u r look like a doll peachy

  3. You literally look like a goddess ❤️ totally going to try these!

  4. She looks so much like Zara Larsson!!!

  5. You are so cute thank you

  6. Oooof she is beautiful!!

  7. Can you let me know if it’s safe to add heat to my hair if I add anti-frizz oils?

  8. When do u use the conditioner?
    I apply it bfre i take my shower
    Does it a healthy move ?

  9. DON'T APPLY TOO MUCH CONDITIONER LIKE SHE DID. It only damages your hair

  10. I was once told to treat wet hair as if it were made of gold so be gentle

  11. You are so gorgeous…..thanks but my hair is extremely damaged make a video to cure this problem

  12. Love you peachy

  13. What shampoo is that?

  14. Why is she washing her hair with makeup on ? ._.

  15. am i the only one who’s wondering how her makeup stayed on in the shower

  16. Where are your earrings from?

  17. Your hairs are absolutely awesomeeeeeeeee

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